We will return to training on Thursday 22nd July
(Thursdays and Saturdays only until further notice)

All instructors have completed Covid-19 training to ensure we can train in a safe environment
Pre-booking and pre-payment is now necessary (curent members should have received notification)

Previous notice re. returning to lessons here

Thank you for your patience and cooperation.   Sensei Karen Turner

DKA mission

Mission Statement

The Driffield Karate Academy will provide a safe and friendly environment for children, young people and adults to learn Karate.

The Driffield Karate Academy will raise standards of achievement in Karate and education for all its students across the ability range.  It will be a regional focus for excellence in the sport of Karate, extending links between its family of clubs, sports bodies and the local community.


Ethics and Code of Behaviour

The art of Karate places emphasis on the development of the character of its students and a code of behaviour is used together with the physical training so that technical skill, physical fitness and good behaviour become synonymous with Karate-do.

The code is based on a mutual respect of the instructor and students and acknowledges that respect must be shown for seniority.

Members of the Driffield Karate Academy are expected to show the same respect for the society in which they live and for those who live in and administer that society.

The Driffield Karate Academy prides itself on its excellent standard of both teaching and training, to become proficient at Karate, it takes self discipline and hard training. Therefore the clubs are run with 'Discipline'.

The rules are laid out for the benefit of all students and parents of the students.  Please adhere to them.

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