We will return to training on Thursday 22nd July
(Thursdays and Saturdays only until further notice)

All instructors have completed Covid-19 training to ensure we can train in a safe environment
Pre-booking and pre-payment is now necessary (curent members should have received notification)

Previous notice re. returning to lessons here

Thank you for your patience and cooperation.   Sensei Karen Turner

Our Instructors

sensei karen turner  sensei michael rowland      
Karen Turner
4th Dan

Michael Rowland
3rd Dan

(Safeguarding Lead)


Driffield Karate Academy trains 2 times a week & new students are welcome at any of the training sessions.


The sessions are run as a mixed class with all ages and grading levels. Whether you are a newer white-belt or a seasoned black-belt the club encourages and assists in your continued development. We believe that training with others of a higher grade helps in mastering the required disciplines at various levels. That said, during lessons, similar grades are often grouped together to enable focused and relevant training towards grading criteria.

We want all of our students to enjoy karate and whilst there is no pressure to attend training sessions, students will find as they progress their training needs increase along with their attendance. Many students train once or twice a week whilst some attend all sessions.



grading may 2019 dan gradings sept 19
Gradings Dec 2019 Dan Gradings Sept 2019
grading may 2019
Gradings May 2019

EKA Squad Training Apr 2019
Meeting up with other EKA affiliated clubs 2019


 grading may 2018  grading dec 2018
 Gradings May 2018 Gradings December 2018


 grading may 2017  grading dec 2017
 Gradings May 2017  Gradings December 2017

EKA Squad Training Apr 2017

A chance to meet with EKA affiliated clubs 2017


grading may 2016   grading nov 2016
Gradings May 2016 Gradings November 2016
with sensei wayne otto obe again with sensei wayne otto obe
Feb 2016: With Sensei Wayne Otto OBE
9x World Champ, 2 of which are in the team event, and 5x European


 grading may 2015  grading nov 2015
Gradings May 2015  Gradings November 2015


 grading may 2014  grading nov 2014
Gradings May 2014 Gradings November 2014


 gradings nov 2013
Gradings November 2013

Please contact us for more info or if you would like to attend a trial session.